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Chemtrails & Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD)

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It always gives me great pleasure when I see my elders continuing upon the path of learning no matter their age. In the case of Betty Krawczyk I’ve been one of those folks who has tried to impress upon her the nature and the reality and the dangers associated with the spraying of chemical compounds in our collective atmosphere. Up until receiving this post from Betty it is the first time that I’ve seen her actually acknowledge the presence of these chemical trails in the skies of B.C. It’s an important event as it illustrates the fact that a person is never too old to learn new information and to then utilize it in their other work so that more people will also come to see that this phenomenon is not merely a figment of paranoid minds but an actual, daily event that is so widespread and pervasive that many people still cannot grasp the fact that it is occurring. Way to go Betty!

Chemtrails and LRAD

Saturday morning, from my back porch in Comox Valley, I think perhaps I caught a glimpse of the future. And it was in the sky. High enough that I couldn’t even see the airplane emitting the plume of vapor left behind that was spreading across the bright sun lit sky to the east.

I’ve rather dismissed the emails I get from people who seem paranoid about chemtrails (the plume of white vapor left behind some airplane flights that seem unusual for whatever reason.) But when people’s actions seem peculiar or disturbing to me I always look for motives behind the actions. Sometimes there aren’t any. At least nothing discernible. But while I didn’t completely dismiss the email warnings I had received in the past about the odd, vaguely menacing plumes of white vapor that airplanes seem to be emitting more frequently, I just hadn’t been able to establish a motive. Why would the Canadian government be trying to poison us, as some of the emails claim, or mess with our brains? What would be the purpose of this? And yet, while looking at this extremely large chemtrail yesterday morning I was struck by its bold, beautiful and unusual pattering.

It was by far the most striking and detailed chemtrail I had seen to date. I stood mesmerized as I watched the long, broad band of white lace sprawl across the sky, the lacy vapor band so clearly defined that I could distinctly make out the repeated swirls and circles within the band’s borders. And equally striking were the vapor tassels hanging in patterned intervals along the left side of the lacy band. It was an incredible show. And I was without a camera. My camera was in Vancouver with my grandson.

But as I stared at the chemtrail it struck me how familiar the pattern was; it seemed a stunning, eerie portrayal of a section of my grandmother’s handmade white lace tablecloth being writ large across the sky. And this was no vapor trail because it wasn’t vaporizing. It just hung there. When I had to leave the porch twenty minutes later the band of sky lace was in the act of decomposing but the image was still distinct. What was it that this plane was spewing out that made such an incredible design I wondered? Were these kinds of sky vapors actually composed of dangerous chemicals as some of my more paranoid (seemingly) contacts insisted?

But as one wit said of paranoia, there is no such thing. What is described as paranoia is merely a heightened sense of awareness. Whatever, when I stepped out on my back porch Saturday and saw this eerily beautiful chemtrail it was immediately after listening to a radio report on how the authorities in London plan to use Long Range Acoustic Devices for crowd control during the Olympics. Just in case. This is a device that brings excruciating pain to human ears, rendering the owners compliant. And after the Olympics? Would LRAD be used against the Occupy protesters? Or in any protest where people gather demanding democracy and transparency of government actions? Are we being gradually conditioned to accept any outrageous form of control under the guise of national security? And conditioned not to demand answers when the sky (our sky) becomes crisscrossed with vapors that are inexplicable to us? And what to do about it, anyway?

I think first, we might recognize that the more paranoid people among us who see the chemtrails as ominous threats to everybody’s health and safety may very well be right. However, the jury is out until something more definitive is brought forth but I am now ready to at least listen to these people. To see a huge, long white vapor trail across the sky portraying the distinct pattern of my grandmother’s lace tablecloth (as I remember it) complete with tassels, and then to personally monitor this image as it hung there under the sun intact for almost twenty minutes is disconcerting to say the least. It seemed to me like some kind of an omen. That I should pay more attention to this. Okay, Grandma. I get it.

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by Arthur Topham
March 5, 2011

Why “Chemtrails For” you might ask? Good question; even for a dummy I might add! Well, it appears that most folks are just too dumbed down these days to realize that they’re being sprayed like insects or weeds from jet planes flying over their heads. Now whether it’s the contents of the sprays themselves affecting their cognitive abilities or some form of inherent stupidity endemic to the general population, the fact remains, and is clearly evident, that the problem has been around in our face for well over a decade now and still your average dummy hasn’t caught on to the fact. Thus the need for added remedial intervention.

This is why I posted such a large graphic image with this article. It’s because so many people who actually believe they have eyes in good, functioning condition and who ought to be able to recognize chemtrails in the sky, inevitably react to the mention of this phenomenon with immediate skepticism and denial as if those delivering the goods were somehow imagining it all and playing tricks on them. To suspend their disbelief for but a moment when actually pressed to do so and then tilt their heads back 20 degrees or so and look up at the sky, becomes, for all practical purposes, an insurmountable task; one they will do anything to wriggle and squirm out of rather than willingly do. Exhibitions of such overt behavior are indicative of one the fundamental hallmarks of dummies. No question.

The Enigmatic Dummy

Now why this dumbed down reaction pattern is present in so many otherwise intelligent people remains an enigma to this day. Even though the information is out there in print, on dvd and currently is spreading across the cyberian firmament like wildfire, the number of dummies remain exceptionally high.

On Facebook it’s the talk of the town amongst such groups as the “Chemtrail Consciousness Coalition (CCC)” where members are continually screaming out in digital octaves and imagery to the world, “WAKE UP PEOPLE! YOU’RE BEING LITERALLY POISONED AND SO IS THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ EARTH AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE REALITY OF WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” If you haven’t joined Facebook and wish to in order to participate in the chemtrail awareness movement then just click here to find out how to become a member.

In many ways it’s like the old days, back in the 60s, when the stoners would use expressions like, “You’re either on the bus or off” to indicate a person who had been “Experienced” (as Jimi Hendrix used to say). Seems like this aspect of human life never changes. Until a person wakes up to whatever it is that they’re slumbering through, be it the fact that they’re being drenched in an array of chemicals, heavy metals, biological organisms inimical to human health or the other assorted arsenals of lab created Frankenstein toxins, or unaware of the basics of history itself, they just go on behaving as if the problem is somehow not there or not real and the people who say it is are just all conspiracy nuts trying to freak others out because they get off on that sort of thing.

While I don’t have enough data at hand to explain it conclusively I firmly believe that it is somehow tied in with other similar types of aberrant behaviour wherein the majority of people are so conditioned mentally to perceive outer forms of reality in a certain, prescribed manner that whenever they are confronted with the actual and true their mental synapses, preconditioned by pseudo-informational overload, suddenly short-circuit and the message to the appropriate area of the brain is derailed or blocked, leaving them somehow suspended in the Dummy Zone; frozen in time like some Kurt Vonnegut character.

We can see this in other areas as well particularly with mainstream television viewers who will become so emotionally wrapped up in their favorite programming that it becomes virtually impossible to explain to them that what they are watching is not actually real. Religion, Philosophy and Politics are other similar fields of mental activity wherein people form certain images or constructs that, once solidified over time, become adamantine in the mind and extremely difficult to re-envision and let go of.

The Dummy on the Hill

Not too long ago I had ordered the new dvd “What In The World Are They Spraying?” from the fine fellows down in the U.S. of A. who, being caring, concerned and conscious enough to have got their acts together, had produced a feature length video on the subject of spraying chemicals and other assorted nasty shit into our collective breathing space. I am of course referring here to Michael J. Murphy, G. Edward Griffin and Paul Wittenberger, the three musketeers of the Great Unveiling of this dark, sinister and deadly attack upon humanity and all living forms. While they weren’t the first to investigate this monstrous act of global terrorism against life itself, their dvd has been extremely useful in shattering the ‘glass darkly’ that prevents the awakening of a lot of otherwise prime candidates for Chemtrails for

Those wishing to check out the excellent efforts of G. Edward Griffin should take the time to visit his website at and find out a whole lot more about chemtrails and related topics. As for Michael J. Murphy’s work I suggest visiting his two sites as well. The Coalition Against Geo-Engineering and Truth Media Productions.

As for myself I’m not your average dummy when it comes to the chemtrail spraying issue. I first got wind of it back in the last century and actually started publishing articles on chemtrails in my former alternative newspaper, The Radical back in the year 2000. What a hell of a way to begin a new century I thought! knowing that the planet was being subjected to this ultimate insanity and yet no one would cop to it and the vast majority of people, because they didn’t see it on CBC, BBC, CNN or FOX, refused to admit that it could possibly exist.

Well anyway, after I received and watched the dvd a couple of times and was convinced of its efficacious nature, I invited my good friend to watch it with me. He lived just down the road a ways, his home situated atop a small hill overlooking the once scenic Fraser River valley in central B.C. When the dvd was finished I expected that he would be in wholehearted agreement with me that this criminal conspiracy to poison and kill people and planet was precisely what had been happening in the skies above us for well over a decade now. Instead, I was shocked to hear him say, in obvious sincerity, that yes he agreed that this was going on down in the states and in Hawaii and in Europe (areas where the dvd producers had gone to film the phenomenon) but that he had never seen any chemtrails overhead in the region of the province in which we both had resided for the past twenty years or longer! At first I couldn’t believe my ears and in sheer exasperation I questioned him as to his response thinking that possibly he was giving me the old ‘tongue in cheek’ patent reply that the normal dummy does. But eventually, it finally sunk in, the realization that people are actually incapable of grasping what is taking place in the skies and assuming that the assorted fake cloud cover they see is actual natural formations.

This same reaction is repeated over and over on the net but there it’s exacerbated by the presence of nay sayers and disinfo agents who do their utmost to spray out digital trails of disinformation regarding chemtrails.

I would be remiss here were I not to include a few more websites in my short list of online chemtrail information centers. One of the original pioneers of the anti-chemtrail movement worldwide is a man by the name of William (Will) Thomas, a Canadian, living in the Gulf Island region of British Columbia. He has written books on the subject, lectured widely and researched extensively this conspiracy to commit global genocide. I first learned of the subject from him and recommend that all dummies take a good look at his William Thomas Online website for all the gory details and stats. Further information on Chemtrails/Chemtrail Facts/Chemtrail Books/Contrails/ChemtrailsConfirmed/Weather Modification can also be found at:

Please see Conscious Life News for more information on spraying.

Thanks to the good work of Murphy, Griffin & Wittenberger interested readers should also check out a European site called The Balfort Group founded by the former Mayor of Evergem, Belgium, Mr. Peter Vereecke. The Belfort Group has been working hard to document and uncover the goods on the perpetrators of this criminal act against Life.

Then there’s the JokerTattoo out of Victoria, B.C.

And Victoria Chemtrails

And finally, from Miami, Florida the work of S.H. Pearson who has been documenting the disasters for some years now. Please see The Payload.

Chem or Con? A Dumb Question?

Chemtrails versus contrails has thus become another area of dispute that tends to dominate discussions and prevent people from gaining a clear understanding of what’s going on above their heads. While the explanations are simple enough to understand when it comes to differentiating between a con trail (frozen, con-densed ice crystals that jets flying through cold air leave behind then disappear within minutes) and chemtrails (artificial chemical gases containing a multiply combination of toxic heavy metals such as aluminum and barium and strontium plus other poisonous, biological ingredients of a dire and sinister nature, all of which DO NOT DISSIPATE after being sprayed into the atmosphere but slowly spread out and transform themselves into an assortment of shapes, many eventually resembling formations similar to cirrus clouds and what meteorologists called “horsetails,”) there is a grouping on the internet similar to those who infiltrate the countless blogs and forums of cyberspace to cause confusion and disruption, who are attempting to make this distinction between the two as convoluted and confusing as possible. Their motives for doing so are to keep people unaware via deception and distraction and therefore rendered unwilling to act and do something to stop this ultimate crime of global genocide from occurring.

Who’s Con-ning the Dummies about Chemtrails?

This, of course, is the $64,000 question. Who, in this war of the world scenario, is actually responsible for the bio-chemical assault upon the planet and why are they able, in the face of insurmountable evidence, to continually elude detection and prevent national governments from acting to gain knowledge of their nefarious actions?

Most people today, including a growing number of dummies even, are aware of the usual suspects when it comes to the psychopaths de jure; those who continually busy themselves screwing up the environment and nation state economies and cultures, in their endless quest for more wealth and power and control.

We have an over abundance of acronyms and tags to identify these possible perpetrators, some of the main ones being the New World Order (NWO); the Illuminati; the Space Aliens; the Icke Reptilians, the Council on Foreign Relations, the UNO, WB, IMF, etc., but, obviously, having these generic descriptive terms at hand hasn’t helped one bloody bit to expose the problem or stop the spraying (thus far anyway).

All the bullshit aside, somewhere, someone, or a group of someones, is issuing these massive spraying directives and no military, be it that of the USA or Canada or NATO or any other nation like Australia or New Zealand or the EU countries, is willing to challenge these orders or question publicly why the spraying is occurring over their airspace. Now I ask you, just how dumb is that?

Here we have a virtual threat occurring that will have global consequences for all sentient life on the planet yet this mysterious group of self-appointed gods (some might prefer the term “devils”) continue to pursue a course of poisoning and killing people, soil, water, air and the myriad other species that obviously depend upon this living planet for their healthy and survival without a single politician, statesman, academic or mainstream media asking why.

When crap like this is happening around the planet and the governments (supposed representatives of the welfare and well-being of their constituents) are complicit in it by the obvious fact of their silence and tacit consent, then it really doesn’t take the proverbial rocket scientist to figure out that something is very, very seriously amiss in the whole equation. Even a dummy ought to be able to figure that one out, no?

Addressing this very question of responsibility and accountability and what repercussions ought to occur respecting the punishment of those found to be guilty of these crimes against the planet, the website (motto: “Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity”) has posed the question, “What is Just Punishment?” to its audience in the form of a poll where people can register their sentiments. In response to the question, “What is the just punishment for those orchestrating and taking part in the death dumps?” the voter is giving four choices:

• A slap on the hand and told not to do it again?

• 10 years in prison with time off for good behavior?

• Life in prison without possibility of parole?

• Death by hanging or lethal injection?

The results thus far do not bode well for those who ultimately WILL be held accountable for these insidious crimes. 61% of the votes cast to date indicate that the culprits ought to bite the dust; 35% would cast them into a dungeon for life; 3% would give them 10 years in prison and 1% feel a slap on the hand is sufficient for the crime.

It’s fairly obvious that people who realize what’s going on are pissed off, big time, and for good reason. Whether the dummies will vote in a similar pattern is of course debatable for the simple reason that most, if not all of them, are still too dense to even realize that the poll is happening. Best they get with the program and check out the site. It definitely contains much in the way of valuable information on health effects, areas where spraying is happening, and much more.


What do we do? It always comes down to this question in the end. How do those who know what the problem is teach, convince, awaken, spur on, cajole, harass, push, shove, demand, enlighten, etc. the vast numbers of dummies who for a myriad of reasons refuse to respond to endless pleading and consistent insistence that they give their heads a shake and wake up? It truly is a conundrum of universal proportions.

If we all lived in the Middle East, as someone once suggested, we could take a hostage; a person of such stature that the world’s controlled media would be forced to cover the story. The terms of release would be the exposure on prime time television around the world of all the documented evidence to date proving that humanity is under the gun and systematically being poisoned and condemned to a slow and agonizing death along with all the rest of our fellow species. Once the dummies viewed it on the Idiot Box there would be no turning back. Big Bro would have spoken and they would in all likelihood rise up en masse and demand that the spraying stop. Politicians would quake in their boots and calls for investigations would resound across the nations where the spraying was occurring. The world would be aflame with outrage and head would definitely roll.

Apart from such a radical solution there remains only the peaceful process of carrying the flame of truth to each and every corner of the planet in the hope that eventually enough numbers will be recruited to form an army of protesters strong enough to take to the streets and demand their governments DO SOMETHING! After a decade and more of trying to initiate change via this method I’m not at all convinced any longer that it will prove effective and I certainly don’t foresee another decade of continuous spraying without such permanent damage occurring that will make any future efforts worthwhile.

All we can possibly hope for is the unfolding of the old occult expression: “As Above, So Below.” Not in the sense of the contaminants continually falling to earth but in the more vital and virtual context of numbers of people from Cyberspace who will continue to organize and transform their knowledge into down-to-earth movements and protests that will soon show the rest of the dummies that we truly are serious about putting a final end to this mass murder of planet Earth.


Arthur Topham is a writer, researcher, publisher, builder and placer miner living in the mountains of central British Columbia, Canada. He can be reached at